About Hasimjung


Hoengseong Ginseng Farming
Association Corporation

has been specializing in secondary processing of the medicinal crops grown on its own farm

in Hoengseong county, Gangwon Province. We also sell them as it is, without processing.



  • Company name:  Hoengseong Ginseng Farming Association Corporation
  • Address:  29-37, Hagung-ro, Hoengseong-gun(county), Gangwon-do(province), South Korea
  • Established date:  Nov 29, 2005
  • Main business: Cultivation of medicinal crops, Manufacturing and sales of secondary processed food, etc.


  • Jan 2021.  (Patent)Applied for trademark “Hasimjung” of Deodeok
  • Dec 2020.  Acquired HACCP certification
  • Dec 2020.  Gu-jeung-gupo Stick (9 time steamed and dried product in the form of stick ) of fermented black deodeok and other health foods were exported to Vietnam.
  • Jul 2020.  Hasimjung processing plant was newly built and moved.
  • Nov 2019.  Exported Deodeok pure water to Vietnam Exported Deodeok pure liquid, health processed food
  • Feb 2019.  Korean MBN Broadcast Co introduced Hasimjung “Fermented”Black Deodeok"
  • Korea MBC Broadcast Co live broadcasted Hasimjung“Fermented black deodeok”broadcast
  • Oct 2018.  Awarded National Forestry Cooperative Innovation’s “Grand Prize”
  • Jul 2016.  Hasimjung Frozen Deodeok Exported to USA
  • Sep 2015.  Acquired rural convergence certification business certification
  • Nov 2012.  Commendation from the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
  • Nov 2011.  (Patent) Patent for manufacturing method of steamed and fermented Deodeok with increased content of physiologically active substances
  • May 2009.  (Patent) Ginseng “Hasimjung” trademark patent application
  • Nov 2005.  Established Hoengseong Ginseng Farming Association Corporation

Hasimjung Main Production Items